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Angelika Langer

Topic: Java Programming in a Multicore World

With the increasing availability and use of multicore processors Java developers need to acquire some understanding of the Java memory model. This is because multithread applications that work nicely on a single-core processor might exhibit “inexplicable” deficiencies when running on a multicore processor platform. The reason may be differences in the caching strategies applied by different processors. In order to illustrate the issues this tutorial explains the Java features for multithread programming. Key topics include: old and new locks, volatile and atomic variables, memory model, visibility and reordering issues, lockfree programming.

Angelika Langer

About the speaker:
Works as an independent freelance trainer and develops and conducts courses mainly in Europe and the USA. She is a co-author of the authoritative book on “C++ Standard IOStreams and Locales” published at Addison Wesley. She wrote the column “Effective Standard Library” for the US magazines C++ Report and C/C++ Users Journal. Currently she is writing a column named “Effective Java” for the German magazine Java Magazin (formerly published in JavaSpektrum). Angelika is a Java Champion and an observing member of the ISO/ANSI C++ standards committee. She is a regular speaker at conferences all over the world.