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Jarosław Pałka

Topic: One size won’t fit everyone: on NoSQL in Java

NoSQL is a new movement dedicated to revoking current order and building a brighter, better future for fast, scalable applications. It attempts to challenge the relative databases and O/RM solutions’ hegemony. For Jarek, it is mostly a symptom of the common sense and a more conscious approach to IT systems design.
During his presentation, he will discuss the categories of “NoSQL” databases and the classes of problems they are solving, each time providing specific examples:
– CouchDB, database embedded in document model
– BerkeleyDB, persistent key-value map
– Neo4j, graph as a basic structure
Each case will be submerged in a thick gravy of code, examples, internal dialogues, and endless monologues of the presenter. For every example, Jarek will additionally try to present a few simple rules to help us choose the best solution for our particular application.

Jarosław Pałka

About the speaker:
Jaroslaw Palka, 10 years of IT sector experience. In his everyday life he no longer has much to do with applications’ development, new versions and problems in production system. By day, he devotes most of his time to offering tools, techniques and technologies. By night, he sets off his favorite editor and experiments with dynamic languages, EIP patterns, and solutions for the CEP (Complex Event Processing) framework.