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Łukasz Szydło

Topic: Apprenticeship – way to effective professional development

Programming is a very young profession. We have had just 60 years of history. We are still looking for ways to create high quality software that will meet expectations of our customers. One of the ways, shaping for over 10 years now, is Software Craftsmanship. This approach promotes (among others) learning through apprenticeship under recognized masters. But what if they are not in our neighborhood? How to use this approach if you already have a full-time job? How it applies to Polish conditions and how to go down this road, being at the beginning of a professional career? During my presentation I will try to answer these and other questions by presenting practical models that work in our reality.

Łukasz Szydło

About the speaker:
Łukasz Szydło – Tieto Poland Software Engineer – Programmer by profession and passion. For five years he has worked in creating web applications and web portals. The founder of the Wroclaw group ‘Craft’ uniting programmers who want to improve their knowledge of manufacturing software in the spirit of software craftsmanship. In his spare time experimenting with Ruby, Scala and Clojure. Graduated from Wrocław University of Technology (Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology).