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Michał Kuratczyk

Topic: Advanced HTTP session management with Oracle Coherence


Michał will introduce Oracle Coherence and Coherence*Web functionality
in particular. Coherence provides replicated and distributed in-memory
data management and caching services for Java, C++ and .NET.
Coherence*Web is an HTTP session management module that can be used with many application servers. Michal will show how to use Coherence*Web to improve performance of web applications and how to share a session between different applications running in different application servers.

Michal Kuratczyk

About the speaker:

Michał Kuratczyk, principal solution architect at Oracle. Michal has
been working in the IT industry for over 10 years. During that time he
focused mainly on performance and high-availability at different layers
- from networks and operating systems to databases and application
servers. Michal is also a long-time open-source and Android enthusiast.