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Influence Strategies for Practitioners

Title: Influence Strategies for Practitioners

Date: 08.10.2010 09:15 – 12:15

Location: JDD

Language: English

Speaker: Linda Rising


You’ve tried and tried to convince people of your position. You’ve laid out your logical arguments on impressive PowerPoint slides—but you are still not able to sway them. Cognitive scientists understand that the approach you are taking is rarely successful.

Often you must speak to others’ subconscious motivators rather than their rational, analytic side. Linda shares influence strategies that you can use to more effectively convince others to see things your way. These strategies take advantage of a number of hardwired traits:

  • liking, we like people who are like us;
  • reciprocity, we repay in kind;
  • social proof, we follow the lead of others similar to us;
  • consistency, we align ourselves with our previous commitments;
  • authority, we defer to authority figures;
  • scarcity, we want more of something when there is less to be had.

Learn how to build on these traits as a way of bringing others to your side. Use this valuable toolkit in addition to the logical left-brain techniques on which we depend.

There are no equipment requirements.

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